Animation Services

Touch your audience with the distinctive look of traditional 2D animation … custom-produced for your organization.

Whether you want to put your mascot to work for a commercial or banner ad, or you need some animated logos or bumpers for your videos, STOFKA CREATIVE will make it easy for you.

2D Character Animation

Check out the DEMO REEL for a two-minute highlight, or take your time and browse the Animation Gallery.

Motion Graphics

Logos, text, and other elements can have personality too.
Here’s a sampling….

Start-to-Finish Animation Production

or help with any facet in-between

  • Script / Concept Development
  • Character Design
  • Storyboards and Animatics
  • Voice Casting and Recording
  • Music Sourcing and Editing
  • Sound Effects
  • Backgrounds and Layout
  • Roughs / Keyframes
  • Final Animation
  • Dialogue Lip Sync
  • Video Editing
  • Post Production
  • File Conversions  and Uploading

Animation for Every Budget

Whether you need a 5-second bumper or a 7-minute short,
STOFKA CREATIVE aims to please you … and your audience!

Animated Logos

Simple idea,
big impact!

Great for


Branding Boost

Spot Motion

Just a little animation
to plus your pitch!

Great for


Simple Way
To Add Impact

Explainer Videos

Moving pictures
make your point clear!

Great for


Value Add


High-quality animation
delivers maximum personality!

Great for


Unique and Engaging Marketing!

Final animations you order are YOURS ... use and modify them royalty-free!